Luke Marley

Luke Marley (Born as Lucas James Marley) (Known as LM 2000) was born in Ealing, London on april 14th 2000. Lukes very first game was Pokemon Yellow on GameBoy which lead him towards playing games and working with computers for most of his life. Luke eventully started to use his computer skills to make YouTube videos. Due to Luke spending alot of time at boarding school Luke didnt have the time to produce good content. In 2016 when Luke started college he decided to dedicate more time to YouTube but it wasnt until he started making Pokemon videos until he became more dedicated.

In 2015 Luke and His brother Sam started a YouTube channel called "The 03 Clan" where they would make comedy sketches (It was this that would push Luke towards making films) eventully Sam left the channel and Lukes other brother Billy took his place. after a short time they decided to close the channel. 

Luke then started to work with Taylor towards "The 04 Clan". despite Luke and Taylor working on quite a few projects together Luke still has other projects that he works on.

In 2008 Luke, Taylor and one of their friends Sam formed a baned together known as Electric Scorpion where they would all write and perform their original songs which were all very bad due to Sam being the only one who actully knew what they were actully doing in terms of playing instuments. in 2014 Luke started making computer generated music (Dubstep) under the name XFury which stopped pretty quickly. In 2017 Luke started making music again but under his YouTube name LM 2000 which was still Dubstep. Luke is currenty working on his first ever proper album "Hurricane" which he hopes will do well. other then that Luke is also writing song parodys for the channel The 04 Clan. Lukes first official realease was on April 1st 2019 which was his song "Take Down" which was the Diss Track on The Tayz".
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