We are a comedy YouTube Duo!
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  1. The 04 Clan
    This is where we will upload our main content.
  2. The 04 Clan 2nd Channel
    This Channel we will use to upload secondary content such as if we want to do reaction videos, ETC.
  3. 04 Clan Gaming
    This is where we will upload our gaming videos.
  1. Luke Marley (LM 2000)
    Since December 2014 Luke has been running a channel known as LM 2000. Which he uploads videos of him playing games like Call of Duty, Pokemon, GTA V, Super Mario, Sonic The Hedghog, South Park: The Fractured But Whole and more. lately Luke has also been doing Twitch live streams of him playing PUBG.
  2. Taylor Cook (The Tayz)
    Taylor runs a channel known as The Tayz. Which he mainly uploads videos on Call of Duty.